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Andries P Engelbrecht Fundamentals of Computational Swarm Intelligence

Swarm Intelligence People

Robert Costello  [ Link ]

Robert Costello is the designer and producer of ABBIS (Artificial Bumble Bee Intelligence Search). Robert is a Ph.D student from the Hull University, Scarborough Campus.

Carl Anderson  [ Link ]

Carl Anderson takes ideas and inspiration from nature, in particular from colonies of ants, bees, wasps, and termites (insect societies), and see how they might apply to industrial and managerial logistics and operations. His research interests include:

  • Insect societies as complex adaptive systems
  • Models of division of labor
  • Self-organisation and complexity
  • Task partitioning
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Nature-inspired solutions for business and industry

Vitorino Ramos  [ Link ]

Vitorino ramos is currently a Ph.D research fellow in Engineering Sciences at IST, under the thesis "Towards a Biologically Inspired Mathematical Morphology", gathering different concepts in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life (aLife), Image Processing, Analysis and Recognition. His chief interests involve the application of biological principles to:

  • Artificial Image Recognition Systems
  • Evolutionary Computation (Genetic Algorithms)
  • Cellular Automata Computing
  • Bio-inspired systems
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Non-Standard Computation Heuristics (Ant Systems)
  • Mathematical Morphology
  • Artificial Neural Networks

Craig Reynolds  [ Link ]

Craig Reynolds is an A-life and computer graphics expert, who created the Boids artificial life simulation in 1986. Reynolds worked on the film Tron (1982) as a scene programmer, and on Batman Returns (1992) as part of the video image crew. He is the author of the OpenSteer library. Craig is also interested in using evolutionary computation to design procedural models, such as behavioral controllers, according to aesthetic criteria. He works at the US R&D group of Sony Computer Entertainment.