Cover of Swarm Intelligence Book
Andries P Engelbrecht Fundamentals of Computational Swarm Intelligence

Launching the SI website

This is the accompanying website for the book, "Fundamentals of Computational Swarm Intelligence" (ISBN:0-470-09191-6). Its intention is to provide readers with a portal to:

  • Discussions about the content of the book.
  • Algorithm implementations using CILib, a library of CI tools.
  • Corrections to mistakes in the book (of which we hope there aren't many)
  • General swarm resources including bibliographies, people, events and photos.

This site will constantly be under construction, with more content added over time. It is going to take a while before a good body of information and help will be avaliable here, but, slowly we will get there.

You are most welcome to help ensure that this site is as up-to-date as possible. So, if you have a nice swarm photo, send it to us. The same for any events, news items, and references to papers.

Any comments on the site will be welcomed.